Check out some of my amazing creations.


Giant Carrot Cake

It took lots of planning to create a giant carrot cake.

See the Carrot Cake

Wedding Cakes

Custom making wedding cakes to specific specifications is what I do best.

See the Wedding Cakes


Cool Cakes

Let me create something amazing for you.

See the Cool Cakes

Buffet Carvings and Creations

Scot creates amazing buffet creations that will make any dinner occasion amazing.

See the Buffet Gallery


Bread Creations

Bread creations are just one of the many unique creations I make.

See the Bread Creations

Church Cake

Customized cakes for businesses and institutions.

See the Church Cake


Sugar Art

PULLED SUGAR OR BLOWN SUGAR to be used on any cake or any way you can imagine.

See the Sugar Art

Pictures taken over the last 30 years