Meet CCC
Scot Meyer

..... I have been in the baking and culinary business since I was 13 years old working in the neighborhood's only bakery. I purchased my 1st 2 bakeries by the age of 18 and for 7 years kept very successful patronage, simultaneously delivering pastries to 64 7-Eleven stores, daily, in The Twin Cities. After selling the Minnesota venture, I moved to Laguna Beach and had a full-scale bakery in San Juan Capistrano, CA until 1991. Key West was the next bakery venture for 12 years winning Best of Key West Award for at least 7 of them. The Bavarian Bakery was also famous for catering to Hollywood (Which included most of the catering during the shooting of the movie True Lies), where I made James Cameron's VEGAN 39th Birthday Cake and all the catering for the Premier as well. Key West is home to many famous people who soon got wind of my creations, doing the famous discoverer Mel Fisher's Last Birthday Cake( Discoverer of the Atocha, the richest Spanish galleon ever retrieved), the catering for the grand opening of the Hard Rock Cafe etc... after Hurricane George took everything material I worked for my entire life including my homes and business. I spent 4 years more working for a very high-class military dining facility that was a Hotel and Resort for VERY high brass officials and their families winning the prestigious Connelly Award National Competition for best dining facility in the entire United States (ice carvings, highly detailed vegetable carvings, fruit displays etc. ) During my tenure as an executive chef over time, I was also presented with 5 generals coins hand pressed in my palm by different United States Generals. ...After Key West, I decided to further my education in pastry and moved to Europe for a summer, studying in Paris & Dranouter (for pastry art) and Ypres, Belgium(Chocolatier). Then a year of travel creating murals and other works of art out of landscape as I went. Next, I went to Germany for another summer to study the art of Old World Bread and Culinary. Nederland, Colorado was the next 12 years owning Shining Star restaurant and music club.

Now, I am based in Eureka, CA,

I am doing exceptional Cakes, Pastries and Food art DBA TRIPLE CCC (cakes and culinary creations). Most recently in 2017 making the Worlds largest (organic carrot cake) 12 feet long in the "shape" of a carrot, (which has never been done in the history of the world) with 2,400 servings.

Mission Statement...

I would like to cfreate for you the best Special Occasion Cakes and Culinary Works, designed by your imagination, and executed with over 30 years of experience creating culinary art.

Culinary art is my passion next to being passionate about pleasing my clients.

I will happily travel for interviews and consultation and provide delivery to Eureka(Gratis) and reasonable charges to surrounding areas.

Looking forward to meeting you and sharing culinary art conceptions!

World's Largest
Organic Carrot Cake

Scot Creates an Amazing Culinary Creation

The world's largest "Organic carrot" cake was created in fall of 2017.

It was 12 feet long, in the shape of a carrot, weighed over 1000 Pounds, made 2,400 servings, made with all locally sourced donated materials from local purveyors sourced by myself, Scot Meyer. The planning and mathematics took 2 weeks and the actual construction of the massive frame took 1 month in my garage.

The actual BAKING of the layers of cake to be assembled was NOTHING. It was a major work of mathematical planning and architecture to achieve a conical tapered shape that would support 1000 Pounds + of cake.